Trust, Security and Confidence Online: The Verifier's Perspective

Melanie Dymond Harper
Herald Information Systems

This is the list of links that was handed out to go with this talk. All were valid as at 4th March 2001.

Certification Practice Statements:

Thawte CPS:

Verisign CPS:

Entrust CPS:

Chambersign CPS:


Electronic Communications Act 2000:

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

Global survey of CA-related legislation (Baker & McKenzie)

'Licensing of Trusted Third Parties For The Provision Of Encryption Services' -- 1997 consultation paper, archived:

'Building Confidence In Electronic Commerce' -- 1999 consultation paper


How to generate a CSR:

Documentation required for UK companies for a Thawte cert:

European Certification Authority Forum (ECAF):

Certs & CRLs, RFC 2459

Certification Policies & Practices, RFC 2527

OCSP, RFC 2560

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